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Sala Stampa

The Pope prays for populations affected by natural disasters in Central America and in Italy, 27.11.2016

After praying the Angelus, the Pope gave assurances of his prayers firstly for the populations of Central America, especially Costa Rica and Nicaragua, affected by a hurricane and in the case of this latter, a strong earthquake, and also for those of Northern Italy, suffering as a result of flooding.

He went on to greet pilgrims from Italy and from other countries, families, parish groups and associations. “I particularly greet the faithful from Lebanon, Egypt, Slovakia and the choir of Limburg, Germany”, he said. “I also greet with affection the Ecuadorean community, the families of the ‘Tra Noi’ movement and the many parish and social aid groups”.

“I wish you all a good Sunday and a good Advent journey to encounter the Lord. May it be a time of hope! Going towards the Lord Who comes towards us. The true hope based on fidelity to God and on our own responsibility. And please don’t forget to pray for me. Have a good lunch and see you soon!”