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Sala Stampa

Greetings in various languages: prayers and solidarity for the victims of the earthquake in Central Italy, 16.11.2016

In his usual greetings to pilgrims present at today’s general audience, from different countries, the Pope addressed French members of Opera d’Orient, and the priests of the Apostolic Union of the Clergy and of the diocese of Agen with their bishop, Msgr. Herbreteau.

He also welcomed the faithful from the Netherlands, who attended the audience on the occasion of their Jubilee pilgrimage, accompanied by their bishops. Among the Portuguese speakers, he mentioned the priests and faithful of Rio de Janeiro, Vatuporanga and Patos de Minas, and he greeted the Arabic-speaking faithful from Jordan, Syria and the Middle East.

Finally, he greeted the Italians of the Federazione Maestri del Lavoro, celebrating the seventieth anniversary of its foundation, and expressed his hope that the memory of this date may help favour social and economic inclusion, especially for the weakest sectors of the population.

He greeted the Community of Children of God from Florence, the Red Cross of Spoltore, the “Arance di Natale” Association from Camisano Vicentino, parish groups and students. As the Extraordinary Jubilee draws to a close, he reminded them of the importance of being merciful like the Father, and of how love for our brothers makes us more humane and more Christian.

“In the month of November the liturgy invites us to pray for the deceased”, he continued. “Let us not forget those who have loved us and have preceded us in faith, and also those whom no-one remembers; the Eucharistic celebration is the best spiritual aid we can offer to their souls”.

“Let us remember with particular affection the victims of the recent earthquake in Central Italy”, he concluded. “Let us pray for them and for their families, and continue to express our solidarity with those who have suffered damages”.