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Second Assembly of Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE), 04.11.2016

A press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office today to present the second Assembly of RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation) to take place in Rome from 6 to 12 November 2016, on the theme “Ending trafficking begins with us”.

The speakers were Sr. Imelda Poole, IBVM, president of the RENATE Network, who explained the spread of human trafficking; Sr. Monica Chikwe, who spoke about the phenomenon of the trafficking market; and Ivonne Vandekar, who explained how RENATE functions.

Sr. Monica Chikwe affirmed that “to combat effectively this scourge of our century, it is necessary to face decisively the problem of clients, to promulgate the law that penalises them. If there were no consumers, that is, clients, the traffickers would dry up like grass in the desert, because no-one would purchase their products, and so they too would change profession. I therefore conclude by saying that if the demand were to cease, human trafficking for sexual purposes would automatically follow suit. No demand, no supply”.

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