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Greetings to pilgrims from different countries, 05.10.2016

At the end of his catechesis, the Pope greeted pilgrims from different countries. Among the French speakers, he addressed in particular the priests of Nevers, with their bishop Brac de la Perrière, pilgrims from Rodez with Msgr. Fontlupt, the “travellers of hope” from Avignon and Marseille, and priests from Mechelen-Brussels and faithful from the dioceses of Tournai and Liège. “I commend you to the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Therese of Lisieux, to journey together courageously on the roads of holiness, in search of authentic fraternity among us. God bless you”.

Among the German speakers, he mentioned pilgrims from the diocese of Mainz, and faithful from the parish of St. John the Baptist in Garrel, accompanied by Msgr. Timmerevers, and he gave special greetings to a group of young people participating in the Pontifical Swiss Guard Information Week, as well as several groups of students, such as those from the Anne Frank secondary school of Werne.

“I cordially greet all the Polish people present here and in particular the ex-prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp”, he said. “Today we commemorate St. Faustina Kowalska, who reminded the world that God is rich in mercy, and that His love is stronger than death, sin and all evil. May this message of Merciful Jesus, entrusted to her, bear fruit in our life with a deeper union with God and with the works of mercy. Entrusting ourselves and the difficult problems of the world to the Lord, let us repeat frequently: ‘Jesus, I trust in you!’ Praise be to Jesus Christ”.

Finally, he greeted the Italians, starting with those from the dioceses of Aosta and Ventimiglia-San Remo, accompanied by Bishop Franco Lovignana and Bishop Antonio Suetta, as well as Ambrosian pilgrims with Msgr. Mario Delphini. He expressed his hope that their jubilee pilgrimage strengthen their adhesion to Christ, for growing ecclesial effort in favour of diocesan and parish communities.

“I greet and encourage the priests of the Pontifical St. Paul Missionary College in Rome to further their theological studies. I also greet the Gloria Crucis group of the Lateran University, the faithful of Grottamare and of Vigevano, and I exhort them to live the Extraordinary Jubilee with faith, bearing witness to the works of corporal and spiritual mercy”.

Similarly he greeted the Italian Institute of Donation, the association “Vivire da Sportivi”, the Federation of Cynological Sports, students from the Oasis Madre Serafina schools in Rome and the Franciscans of Civita Castellana.

Finally, he greeted the young, the sick, and newly-weds. “The month of October is the month of missions, in which we are invited to pray intensely to Our Lady, Queen of the Missions. Dear young people, be missionaries of the Gospel in your surroundings, with the mercy and tenderness of Jesus; dear infirm, offer your sufferings for the conversion of the distant and the indifferent; and you, dear newly-weds, be missionaries in your family with the proclamation of the Word and the example of the Gospel of salvation”.