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Audience with the prime minister of Poland: promotion of the family and welcome for refugees, 13.05.2016

Vatican City, 13 May 2016 – This morning the Holy Father received in audience Beata Szydło, prime minister of the Republic of Poland, who subsequently met with Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, secretary for Relations with States.

During the cordial discussions the positive contribution of the Catholic Church to Polish society was emphasised. Particular reference was made to the Holy Father’s upcoming visit to the country during the month of July on the occasion of World Youth Day, and the recent celebrations in Gniezno and in Poznań for the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland, attended by His Eminence Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin as Papal Legate.

Attention then turned to various themes of common interest, such as the promotion of the family in the current socio-cultural context, and the reception of refugees. Finally, several themes affecting the international community were discussed, such as peace and security, the conflict in Syria and the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and in the Middle East.