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Accreditation Procedures Canonisation of Mother Teresa - 4 September 2016



Accreditations and Authorisation Section


Holy Mass and Canonisation of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (04/09/2016) and related events

updated on 25/07/2016

 1. Accreditation Procedures

1.1 The procedures for requesting accreditation and participation in  events for journalists and media operators with ORDINARY accreditation remain unchanged.

1.2 For particular conditions or problems relating to the accreditation procedure alone, the office may be contacted via email at accreditamenti@pressva.va or telephone +39-06-698.43000 (Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 13:00).

 2. Accreditation Application

2.1 The application form for TEMPORARY accreditation and instructions regarding the necessary documentation are available online in the Accreditations section of the Holy See Press Office website:


2.2 When compiling the form, please indicate the event “Canonisation Mother Teresa (04/09/2016)”.

2.3 The deadline for applications for accreditation is Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 18:00.

2.4 Applications for accreditation that are incomplete or received after the deadline indicated in point 2.3 shall be ignored.

2.5  Journalists and media operators are informed that, due to the increased volume of requests and the limited space available, priority criteria will be adopted for accreditation procedures, on the basis of which not all applications will be accepted.

2.6 To facilitate the accreditation procedures, VIDEO agencies who need to accredit more than 10 journalists and/or media operators are requested to submit within the deadline stated at point 2.3 a letter, on headed paper and signed by the Directorate to the Accreditation  and Authorizations Section of the Press Office of the Holy See, through the address indicated in point 1.2 to provide the following information:

·        Total number of accreditations required;

·        Number of people covering each role for whom accreditation is required (reporters, producers, cameramen, technicians);

·        The reason for requiring accreditation for a large number of staff;

·        Spaces where the staff will be deployed;

·        Which people will require access to close range press locations during ceremonies (see point 5.1) for the duration of the accreditation period;

·        The name and contacts information of the head of accreditation of the staff to whom the application refers.

 3. Distribution of Accreditation cards

3.1 Accreditation cards for journalists and media operators for the Canonisation of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, will be distributed at the Auxiliary Accreditations Office with access from Via della Conciliazione 5 (see attached map)

3.2 Journalists and media operators who have completed the accreditation procedure will be able to collect accreditation cards assigned to them from Tuesday August 30th 2016 during the following temporary opening hours

Tuesday-Saturday, 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

3.3 Journalists and media operators unable to collect their accreditation cards in person are invited to nominate a delegate in writing, who must also produce a copy of valid ID documents.

3.4 Given the likelihood that journalists and media operators will come into contact with documents under embargo, every accreditation must be accompanied by the signing of a declaration to respect journalism ethics, especially the rules regarding embargo, either in person or through a delegate (as in point 3.3).

3.5 Filming and photography are permitted and may be used exclusively for news reporting purposes, to the extent that public interest exists regarding the publication and distribution of material connected with current events and issues. Journalists and media operators (photo/video) are required to sign, in person or through a delegate (as in point 3.3) a declaration of compliance in this regard.

3.6 At the moment of collecting the TEMPORARY accreditation, an administrative fee will be charged.

 4. Accreditation validity

4.1 TEMPORARY accreditation (referred to in points 2 and 3) will be valid for the Media Center with access from Via dell’Ospedale n. 1 (see points 6 and 7).

4.2 In addition, TEMPORARY accreditation (referred to points 2 and 3) will be valid for access to the press stand on the terrace of the Braccio di Carlo Magno of St. Peter’s Colonnade (priority given to media operators PHOTOS and VIDEO) (see points 5 and 6 ) on the occasion of the Holy Mass and Canonisation of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and, according to the availability of seats, to  the stands for any related events for which will be given later communication.

4.3 By prior communication via email (accreditamenti@pressva.va) accredited journalists and media operators may carry out stand-ups and video/photographic shoots (no live interviews or footage) in St. Peter’s Square within the following periods: 08:00 to 09:00 morning and 17:00 to 18:00 afternoon during the following days 30/08 – 03/09/2016

5. Access

5.1 Procedures of access and participation will be subject to further notice.

6. Attendance at events

6.1 On the occasion of events in St. Peter’s Square, the area equipped for the press is the terrace of the Braccio di Carlo Magno (left side) of the Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square, at the side directly facing the square (for access to the terrace see the attached map).

6.2 The live TV transmission of events is forbidden, other than in exceptional cases to be agreed with the Accreditations and Authorisations Section of the Holy See Press Office.

6.3 Journalists and media operators are reminded that, in order to cover events and in particular liturgical celebrations, as well as to attend briefings and press conferences, they are required to observe suitable codes of dress and behaviour.

7. Press Points and Centres

7.1 The following Press Points and Centres will be available (see attached map for locations):


Holy See Press Office

Via della Conciliazione, 54

Mon-Fri:           09:00-15:00

Sat:                 09:00-14:00

Sun:                11:00-13:00


Auxiliary Accreditation Office

Via della Conciliazione, 5

Mon-Sat: 10:00-13:00/14:00-18:00


Media Center

Via dell’Ospedale, 1

31/08-02/09:         09:00-18:00

03/09:                  09:00-20:00

04/09:                  06:00-18:00

05-07/09:              09:00-16:00


Close range Press Points during ceremonies in St. Peter’s Square

Terrace of Braccio di Carlo Magno

(limited number of accredited journalists and media operators)

access from Via Paolo VI, at the end of the colonnade on the occasion of ceremonies in St. Peter’s Square




7.2 The timetable as presented above is temporary: variations will be published in due course.

8. Media Centre

8.1 From 31/08/2016 the Media Centre already set up in the Sala San Pio X, with access from Via dell’Ospedale n. 1 (see attached map), will include the following Areas:

·        Press Services Centre (for all accredited journalists and media operators, see point 8.2);

·        Television and Radio (by advance reservation, see point 8.5).

8.2 The Press Services Centre will be open to all accredited journalists and media operators. At the Press Services Centre work stations will be available, equipped with plug sockets television screens to follow the events, and WIFI (for email e-navigation, NOT for transmitting large files).

8.3 In the Media Centre (upon advance booking, see point 8.5) the international audio/video signal from the Vatican Television Centre (CTV) and Vatican Radio (VR) will be available.

8.4 The various services available in the Media Centre will be managed as follows:

·        Television services will be managed by the Vatican Television Centre (CTV) and Vatican Radio (VR);

·        Radio services will be managed by Vatican Radio (VR).

8.5 The aforementioned services (point 8.4) are available by advance booking. The necessary procedures may be completed at:

Television Services:                                           



Roberto Romolo

Tel.: +39-06-698.85233

Email: worldtelecast@ctv.va


VR Internatinal Services

Paolo Innamorati

Tel.: +39-06-698.83945

Fax: +39-06-698. 83237

Email: relint@vatiradio.va


Radio Services:

Booking and  Information

VR Internationl Relations

Paolo Innamorati

Tel.: +39-06-698.83945

Fax: +39-06-698. 83237

Email: relint@vatiradio.va


8.6 Information on services available by advance booking, and booking conditions, will be provided on request by the entities mentioned above.

8.7 Access authorisations for the Service Areas of the Media Centre (by advance booking) will be issued at the moment of first access.

9. Live streaming Centro Televisivo Vaticano and Radio Vaticana

9.1 Live streaming of the ceremonies: www.vatican.va/video; www.ctv.va; www.radiovaticana.va


ADDITIONAL NOTE - Canonization of Mother Teresa and related events 31-08/07-09-2016

updated on 20/08/2016



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