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Il cordoglio del Santo Padre per le vittime del terremoto in Tainan (Taiwan), 07.02.2016

Pubblichiamo di seguito il testo del Messaggio di cordoglio del Santo Padre - a firma del Cardinale Segretario di Stato Pietro Parolin - per le vittime del terremoto che ieri ha colpito la città di Tainan in Taiwan:


The Holy Father was saddened to learn of the suffering caused by the deadly earthquake which struck in Tainan, leaving many people dead or seriously injured. He sends prayerful condolences to the families of the deceased and injured, as well as to rescue personnel and the civil authorities. His Holiness, commending the souls of the departed to the tender mercy of God, invokes abundant divine blessings of consolation and strength upon those who mourn and upon all who have been affected by this tragedy.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State

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