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Sala Stampa

Audiences, 12.04.2019

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

- Professor Gérard Mourou, Nobel Prizewinner 2018 for Physics, with his wife;

- Professor Donna Strickland, Nobel Prizewinner 2018 for Physics, with her husband;


- H.E. Msgr. Georges Pontier, archbishop of Marseille, France, president of the Bishops’ Conference of France;

  H.E. Msgr. Pascal Delannoy, bishop of Saint-Denis, vice president;

  S.E. Msgr. Pierre-Marie Carré, archbishop of Montpellier, vice president;

  Msgr. Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, secretary general;


- H.E. Msgr. Hubertus Matheus Maria van Megen, titular archbishop of Novaliciana, apostolic nuncio in Kenya and in South Sudan;

- H.E. Msgr. Pedro López Quintana, titular archbishop of Agropoli, apostolic nuncio in Austria;


- Members of the Archconfraternity of the “Virgen de la Cinta”, of Tortosa, Spain.