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The Credential Letters of the Ambassador of Angola to the Holy See, 07.09.2018

At 10.30 this morning, the Holy Father Francis received in audience H.E. Mr. Paulino Domingos Baptista, ambassador of Angola to the Holy See, on the occasion of the presentation of his Credential Letters.

The following is a brief biography of the new ambassador:

Mr. Paulino Domingos Baptista
Ambassador of Angola to the Holy See

Mr. Paulino Domingos Baptista was born in Luanda on 8 July 1951.

He is married with four children.

He graduated in economics from Agostinho Neto University in 1988.

He has held the following offices, among others: delegate of the Ministry of the Interior in the provinces of Cunene, Huila and Luanda (1976-1990); national director of tourism (1990); deputy minister, Secretary of State and ad interim minister for tourism (1991-2016); minister for tourism (2016-2017).

Foreign languages known: Portuguese, Spanish and English.