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Resignations and Appointments, 29.03.2017

Appointment of bishop of Floriano, Brazil

The Holy Father has appointed as bishop of the diocese of Floriano, Brazil, Rev. Edivalter Andrade, of the clergy of the diocese of São Mateus, pastor of the São Francisco de Assis parish in Barra de São Francisco.

Rev. Edivalter Andrade

The Rev. Edivalter Andrade was born on 17 April 1962 in Barra de São Francisco in the diocese of São Mateus, in the state of Espírito Santo. He completed his studies in philosophy (1982-1984) and theology (1985-1989) at the Institute of Philosophy and Theology of the archdiocese of Vitória. He attended courses for seminary formators, one in Viamão (1990-1991) and the other in Rome (1997). He also attended a course in social services at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (1993-1997).

He received priestly ordination on 8 October 1989 and was incardinated in the diocese of São Mateus, where he held the following offices: vicar of the parish of Água Doce (1990-1992); rector of the major seminary (1990-1998); administrator of the parish of Barra de São Francisco (1995); parish priest in Jaguaré (1998-2001); parish priest of the Cathedral (2002-2014); diocesan pastoral coordinator (2002-2014); director of diocesan Caritas; bursar; director of Radio Kairós, member of the presbyteral council.

He is currently pastor of the São Francisco de Assis parish, in Barra de São Francisco, and vicar forane.