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Resignations and Appointments, 22.03.2017

The Holy Father has appointed Msgr. Carlos Rômulo Gonçalves e Silva, of the archdiocese of Pelotas, Brazil and currently vicar general, as coadjutor of the diocese of Montenegro, Brazil.

Msgr. Carlos Rômulo Gonçalves e Silva

Msgr. Carlos Rômulo Gonçalves e Silva was born on 24 January 1969 in Piratini, archdiocese of Pelotas, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. He studied philosophy at the Higher Institute of Philosophy and theology at the Paulo VI Institute of Theology, both institutions linked to the Catholic University of Pelotas. He then obtained a licentiate in spiritual theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome (2002-2004). In addition, he has attended courses for seminary formators organized by CELAM in Santiago, Chile and Bogotá, Colombia.

On 8 December he was ordained a priest and incardinated in the archdiocese of Pelotas. During his priestly ministry he held the following roles in the São Francisco de Paula archdiocesan seminary: assistant for minor seminarians (1995-1997), for seminarians following the preparatory course (1996-2002 and 2004-2008), for philosophy students (1997-2002), for theology students (2001-2016); spiritual director (2004-2008) and rector (2011-2016).

In addition, he has served as vicar of the parish of Santa Teresinha in Pelotas (1995-2002); coordinator of vocational pastoral ministry (1997-2002); coordinator of popular holy missions (2005-2007); pastor of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Canguçu (2008-2011); coordinator of presbyteral pastoral ministry (2008-2011); parish priest (2011-2012) and then vicar (2012-2013) of Santo Cura d’Ars in Pelotas; and professor at the Paulo VI Institute of Theology (since 1995).

He currently holds the offices of: vicar general; director of the Paulo VI Institute of Theology; director of the Diaconal School; and member of the college of consulters, the presbyteral council, the council for economic affairs and various boards of the Catholic University of Pelotas.