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Communiqué, 20.05.2016

Vatican City, 20 May 2016 – With regard to recent information published by the press in relation to the facts pertaining to the management of the Institute for the Support of the Clergy of the diocese of Savona, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, president of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, awaits notification of the formal acts of the trial initiated by the Public Prosecutor at the court of Savona.

With regard to the merits of the case, Cardinal Calcagno confirms his serenity in relation to the work carried out, considering that it relates to issues that arose primarily in a period of time subsequent to 7 July 2007, when he left the office of bishop of Savona-Noli.

In any case the investigation in no way relates to Vatican-owned assets or to the office currently held by the Cardinal.