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The Holy See Press Office Bulletin distributed under embargo will be found in this area of the Holy See Press Office, as well as other Documents, embargoed and non-embargoed.

Access is allowed to those journalists accredited to the Holy See Press Office, having in possession a valid and unexpired accreditation badge.

The following clauses which define the terms of the specific embargo will be printed at the top of each Bulletin distributed under embargo:

  • Agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, telematic publications, etc. are not authorized to publish, prior to the set moment, the text distributed under the wording EMBARGO UNTIL THE MOMENT IN WHICH IS PRONOUNCED or EMBARGO UNTIL HOUR XX.XX (ROME TIME) OF XX.XX.XXXX.
    This implies that the agencies are prohibited to put the text on the wire prior to the end of the embargo.

  • The expression CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY is to be understood as meaning that only the text actually pronounced by the Holy Father has validity.
    It is the task of the journalist to verify any changes or additions at the moment the text is pronounced.

Access to the documents and to the news made available in this area is considered the formal confirmation of the commitment to respecting both the embargo and the confidentiality of the Logon ID and Password.

Bulletin under embargo

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